Stewart Milne Homes
August 2020


WM Donald recently returned to the Ballumbie Estate where we carried out the infrastructure and various plot works on a previous development some 15 years ago. This time we return to provide our services to Stewart Milne Homes to provide a new housing development & neighbourhood which consists of homes ranging from two – five bedroom homes.

We will be carrying out all infrastructure works relating to this development, including the installation of all new sewers and the challenging aspect of a new off-site connection to existing sewer to accommodate this new development. Our utility and water division also have the challenging aspect of completing the new off-site water tie in on the existing Ballumbie Road. Both elements of these works have various challenges, of timescales. ensuring disruption to neighbouring developments is kept to an absolute minimum and also the interaction with existing live service.

Throughout these works, we will also be carrying out the installation of all new housing roads, plot foundations and floor slabs and all hard-landscaping works through to completion of the 76nr. properties.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Stewart Milne and providing another development that benefits the surrounding areas and one which provides a comfortable and safe living for the proposed new homeowners.