Elsick Development Company
2014 - Present

All Roads and Roundabouts within, and heading to, Chapelton of Elsick

W M Donald was contracted to construct roads as part of the Chapelton of Elsick Development, including a new roundabout at the intersection between the Newtonhill flyover and the A90.

Architects created a strict brief based on a study of several coastal villages that included a range of materials and colours designed to complement the new developments.

Many of the roads’ details incorporated into the design were developed specifically for this development and were new to both the housebuilders and our teams at W M Donald. Non Standard Details (NSDs) contributed significantly to the complexity involved with delivering this project. W M Donald worked closely with the designers and local authority to develop a method of delivering these within the project.

  • Planning and communication
  • 3D modelling and design
  • Investigation
  • Use of drones
  • No-Dig technology
  • Suction Excavator
  • Comprehensive as-builts
  • Working to strict timescales
  • Traffic management
  • Giving old materials a modern twist