The Mearns Costal Heritage Trail (MERCHAT) Group and Tangleha Artists Collective
July 2021

Costal Footpath at Red Rocks and Seagreens

We were previously contacted by The Mearns Costal Heritage Trail (MERCHAT) Group and Tangleha Artists Collective to work alongside them to try to establish how we can secure/safeguard the costal route from Johnshaven to Tangleha for years to come. With this in mind, the works included the excavation of existing sub-soils and rock that had previously subsided into the sea bed and allow the restoration of Red Rocks section of the costal footpath and the safeguarding of the North footpath at Seagreen Cottage due to the years of degrading of the costal paths we were required to supply and install 325 tonne of rock armour materials to provide the longevity required.

This contract had its challenges from access issues to environmental and tidal issues, however with a bit of understanding, planning, determination and skill set from the operations team, they delivered the completion of this project on time and on budget. These works were grant funded, therefore it was imperative that we took all aspects of the works into consideration and worked closely with the those who had the project close to heart.

A quote from Charis Glazener, Mearns Costal Heritage Trail (MERCHAT) - Project Leader read;

‘We are very grateful to the contractors WM Donald Ltd, Netherley, for their professional and responsive approach to this tricky area of our coast. They have managed to deliver a fantastic result which should secure this section of the Coastal Trail for many years to come.’