Structural Soils Ltd
June 2018

Suction Excavation, Nigg Bay Harbour Water Main

Structural Soils Suction Excavation

W M Donald undertook the excavation of over 38 trial holes along the proposed route of a new 2000m long water main. The main serves Aberdeen’s new Nigg Bay Harbour.

The route of the water main crossed several roads and old industrial sites where there was the potential for ground contamination. Any hydrocarbons present in the soil could have eventually led to contamination of the new water supply.

The trial holes were required to a depth of 2m and suction excavation significantly reduced the risk of service strikes. Suction excavation allowed for a more compact excavation, minimised the damage to the existing road surface and reduced reinstatement costs.

  • Use of suction excavation
  • Health and safety measures to protect the general public
  • Co-ordination of road closures
  • Removal of excavated materials
  • Road reinstatement