W M Donald has taken on twelve apprentices from across the North East, with the aim of providing the best experience and training, giving access to the latest technology and innovations, and showing how exciting and rewarding a career in civil engineering is.

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Image courtesy of the Press & Journal: W M Donald HR manager Rachel O'Donnell with, l-r, managing director Ewan Riddoch and apprentices Liam Davidson, Connor Hutchison, Marc O'Donnell and Logan Dingwall.

The two-year course is being organised in partnership with City of Glasgow College, the nearest college to Aberdeen to offer the course. From this September, students will travel down to Glasgow for nine two-week blocks over the next two years, Covid-19 restrictions permitting. Outside of college, W M Donald will have apprentices buddied up on site, and offered as much practical, technical experience as possible.

The scheme is being championed by Ian Gray, Operations Director, and Rachel O’ Donnell, HR Manager from W M Donald, who have also been working closely with industry peers and North East Scotland College with the long-term goal of creating enough intertest and demand for the General Construction Operative Apprenticeship program to be run in the Aberdeen area.

Ian Gray said “The North East, like the rest of the country, is suffering from a shortage of qualified skilled Construction Operatives to facilitate the demand of a buoyant construction sector. This led us to contact North East Scotland College to look at running an apprenticeship course in Aberdeen tailored to suit the diverse nature of construction as well as a route to employment for those who prefer working with their hands in an outdoor environment”

Rachel O’ Donnell said “W M Donald are investing substantially in the training and development of all our current and future employees. I believe it is now more important than ever for the construction industry to take a long hard look at its future to ensure we have the necessary skilled people to meet private and public demand for new housing and infrastructure. Apprentices are the future of W M Donald, but the scheme is also for the benefit of the wider industry. Our youngest apprentice is 16 and the oldest is 23 giving them the experience on site, combined with classroom study is critical to ensuring our twelve apprentices learn new skills and stay in the industry.”

For more information on this apprenticeship scheme visit wmdonald.co.uk or contact Rachel O’Donnell on Rachel.O'Donnell@wmdonald.co.uk