Trusted in Plotworks

Safely and skilfully, our team of professionals will bring a site to life, with projects ranging from earthworks and processing, to foundations and substructures.


Building strong foundations from the ground up is what we do at W M Donald, and our experienced team has the knowledge and equipment required to plan and carry out any plotworks project, safely and effectively.

W M Donald provides a range of services within plotworks, including:

  • Hard and Soft Landscaping
  • Bespoke Paving
  • Domestic and Commercial Substructures
  • Domestic and Commercial Concrete Floors
  • Traditional Sett Paving

Skills which W M Donald bring to the project

Plotworks requires excellent levels of skilled machine control, and W M Donald has continually reviewed and updated the way we carry out work in this field. We have invested in new methods and innovative technology to eliminate risk to our work force, and to ensure that work on-site is carried out with maximum efficiency.