Trusted in Suction Excavation

The modern way to excavate. Suction excavation enables us to work without fear of cable strikes or pipe damage. We make your site safer for everyone.


With an ever-growing fleet of suction excavators (no-dig technology), W M Donald work with clients from a range of sectors and on a huge variety of projects, including utility excavations, foundation works, river bed clearance, restoration projects, and clearing blocked gulleys and tunnels, to name but a few.

Suction excavation is now widely recognised as best practice for the removal of material within civil engineering, as it is both safe and efficient, and eliminates the risk of damage.

Once excavated, the material (stone, sand, liquid etc.) is stored within a separate container, and can be easily tipped into a skip, or transported to an alternative site.

Some specific benefits of using no-dig technology include:

  • Eliminates the risk of utility strikes
  • Large reduction in manual handling, in particular hand-digging
  • Minimises the potential for damage to tree roots
  • Safe, clean and professional excavation site
  • Noise reduction
  • Reinstatement cost savings
  • Simplified plant scheduling and logistics
  • Increased safety for staff and the public

Skills which W M Donald bring to the project

We have a team dedicated to the provision of suction excavation services, who currently work with local authorities, rail networks, construction companies, civil engineering contractors, utility contractors, British waterways, and health and safety advisors.

In short, the range of uses of the suction excavator is as wide and varied as the imagination and ingenuity of the engineers that specify it on their projects. Our team will work closely with engineers, at all stages of the projects, to ensure that the suction excavation is carried out safely and efficiently.