Mike also discussed how our team was able to deliver Chapelton’s vision, by working closely with world leading urban planners, architects, landscape architects, engineers and the Elsick Development Company.

20181130 Buildit 101

An audience of over 200 delegates, from right across the North-east construction industry, listened to the story of the Chapelton of Elsick development, situated eight kilometres south of Aberdeen, on 840 hectares of rolling Farmland. With the potential to include up to 8,000 homes sitting shoulder to shoulder with shops, schools, healthcare and parks, Chapelton, as the young community is called, is one of the UK’s biggest settlements. Chapelton is striving to break the mould of twenty-first century development. Inspired by Scotland’s rich history of town planning, it is combining ambitious social aims and vernacular design to create an aesthetically rich, community-centric place that counters the prevailing pattern of single-use housing estates.