The new suction excavator will be used by W M Donald on its own projects but is also available – as a self-contained unit complete with operator – for other contractors and developers to hire.

Wmd Na Suction Excavator 01

Think of a suction excavator simply as the civil engineering equivalent of a Dyson or a Hoover – except with a very, very large collection bin! By minimising the requirement for mechanical excavation equipment, suction excavation virtually eliminates the potential for a utility strike on your site: cutting through an electricity cable or puncturing a gas main. Not only is suction excavation safer, but it provides a neater, cleaner and smaller excavation: less disruption and a more attractive site for when potential house purchasers visit.

W M Donald’s suction excavation unit is mounted on a Scania chassis with four axles. By investing in 13.5t axles, W M Donald has increased the suction excavator’s capacity on site by an additional 4 tonnes. This means the W M Donald suction excavator can work for an hour longer on site projects than most other suction excavators before needing to be emptied. The limit for excavated loads travelling by road remains 12.5t per axle.

To find out how you can hire our new suction excavator for your projects please call us on 01569 730 590.