Do you have drains that need maintenance and repair? W M Donald’s new DRU can help…

W M Donald has further extended the services it offers Drainage Services clients by establishing a specialist ‘Drain Rehabilitation Unit’ (DRU). The DRU’s capabilities range from simple patch repairs through to full length hot or ambient CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe) liners. These specialist skills sit alongside the traditional drain and sewer repair and rebuild work undertaken by the W M Donald civils team.

As one of its first assignments, the DRU has been carrying out patch lining repairs on defective 525mm drainage on the AWPR. No-dig repairs were specified because normal excavation techniques were too invasive and time was of the essence due to the road opening to the public within a few days.

Robert Tait, Section Supervisor on the Balmedie to Tipperty (B-T) section of the AWPR, emailed to thank the DRU team for their efforts: ‘Just a quick note in response to the fantastic pipe patching work W M Donald completed for us here at the AWPR B-T yesterday.

The pipes could not be accessed using the conventional method of dig and replace without adding major complications at a critical stage of the project. Could you also please pass on my appreciation to your staff…who stayed later than anticipated to complete an additional repair which was discovered during a routine CCTV survey’.